Best Lighting Automation System

Lights Automation is the self-control of developing automatic modifications in lighting degrees to impact mood, highlight architecture, illuminate art, and influence action. Automated lighting from Vantage can be described like the rising or setting of the sun. As light gradually, imperceptibly crosses the landscape our detects are enhanced and also we see earth with brand-new perspective.

Designers and illumination developers have long comprehended the power of light and its capability to define, emphasise, and change style. To manipulate light in such a method as to concurrently stimulate nuance and intricacy calls for a severe understanding of light.

Lighting automation from Vantage provides expert developers with the tools to completely apply their styles as well as users with the complete enjoyment of their luxury rooms.


Why Vantage:

1. Effective systems: Combination of all systems past lighting in the luxury space with simplified automation commands including House Cinema, A/C, Protection and a lot more.

2. Outstanding individual friendliness: Solitary layer interface, together with keypads as well as touchscreens that can be personalised. Programs software is instinctive for system integrators to make use of as well as upgrade. A large choice of keypads as well as touchscreens additionally enhance comfort and use.

3. Access via mobile applications: Possibility for far away control from the 4 edges of the world.

4. Vantage User interfaces provide both visual as well as user interface uniformity throughout all individual touch points.

5. From incandescent and also fluorescent to LED lights, Vantage systems are skilled at regulating the best variety of source of lights including ahead and turn around phase resource dimming as well as 0-10 VDC, PWM and also DMX control.

6. Updates: Vantage software and also hardware are developed to easily approve updates, which offers the system outstanding versatility for integrating technological technologies.

7. 3 year product service warranty.

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